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Service Design

The design of services allows the design of memorable experiences for users, creating new links between the different agents of the process, enhancing their capacities for action and interaction.

At 1labs we accompany companies in the design and redesign of their products and services in order to deliver additional and differential value to each of their clients or users.

The scope of service design for organizations is described below:

  • New Touchpoints are identified with users to add value to the service
  • It is approached from a Design thinking perspective where the user is the center
  • It allows to increase the chances of success by having permanent validation
  • Accelerates the design process of products and services within the company
  • Involves new disciplines such as technology, anthropology, psychology and design

Thinking about the needs of users

One of the service design methodologies we use is Design Thinking, originally developed for product design, it has been adapted for service design. This process integrates the design from the very beginning of the development of an experience or service, starting from the understanding of the client.

  • Why should my company address service design?

    Because under our methodology, companies can quickly and economically test and experiment with new products and services to obtain adequate feedback that saves money and maximizes profits when launching the definitive product or service.

  • How long does it take to design a new product or service?

    If the correct inputs are available, the conceptualization of a new product or service can take a couple of hours; however, modeling, prototyping and validation will depend on different factors that can modify the time to complete the design.