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Innovation Maturity

This service consists of identifying the current state of the organization in everything related to innovation.

Our team, through the use of different data collection instruments, takes a "photo" of the current situation of the company that serves as a starting point to plan a correct innovation strategy.

The main advantages of innovation maturity are highlighted below:

  • It allows to know the degree of maturity of the organization in innovation
  • Deliver insights and key data for innovation planning
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement in factors related to innovation
  • Allows you to define a baseline that works as a starting point for the strategy

Innovation Test

Within the framework of carrying out the Innovation Maturity, the Innovation Test is also applied to the company's collaborators, in order to identify the capabilities and profile of employees towards innovation issues.

The Innovation Maturity uses data collection tools that operate under an exclusive methodology that is complemented by a personality algorithm, which allows increasing the rigor of the results.