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MVP Agile Development

A minimum viable product (MVP- Minimum Viable Product) is characterized by being an unfinished product, not perfected and much less sophisticated, an MVP is simply a product that meets the minimum necessary to deliver value to its users.

MVPs save money and maximize returns by launching a product with the minimum features the market needs at the lowest possible cost.

The advantages of creating an MVP with us are:

  • Product launches 10 times faster than the traditional way
  • Room for improvement and evolution is maintained
  • Focus on the true value proposition
  • Building relationships with customers in advance
  • Accelerated feedback is obtained from multiple edges

Speed ​​is our friend

Being agile is part of our DNA, therefore the creation of an MVP can take hours, days and weeks depending on the industry and the organization with which we work. It is a vertiginous but structured design process with proprietary methodologies.

  • Why should an MVP do with 1LABS?

    Because we have the experience and knowledge in design, creation and launch of products and services from Silicon Valley and Latin America, with renowned multinational and regional brands that guarantee our accelerated design process.

  • What MVPS have you developed at 1LABS?

    We have developed MVP for manufacturing products, hardware and services in different industries such as Construction, Insurance, Fashion, Government, Social, Tourism and Communications.