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Experimentation Laboratory

Our experimentation and innovation laboratory aims to test and explore new methodologies and technologies that bring the future closer to the present to deliver value to our allies and partners.

We explore technologies such as Chatbots, personal assistants, 5G communications, augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Business Models, programming languages, philanthropic projects, etc.

The advantages of working with our experimentation laboratory are:

  • Take advantage of new technologies to implement in new products and services
  • Racing drivers in safe and controlled environments
  • Co-create knowledge and technology keeping investments low
  • Create new innovative products and services in record time
  • Diversify the organization's research process

A laboratory to prove the improbable

Experimenting with technologies that will be widespread at the end of this decade allows us to offer innovative solutions to all our clients.

  • How does the innovation laboratory work?

    The experimentation process starts from an identified need, problem or opportunity; Once this is done, possible solutions are proposed with disruptive technologies or non-traditional methods that provide solutions in an innovative way.

  • Can final products be born from the innovation laboratory?

    In the laboratory it is allowed to explore, but also to make mistakes, therefore it is not the ideal scenario to apply the rigor that is required to a final product or service. This space was designed to try to find answers to problems that have not yet been solved in the traditional way.