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Entrepreneurship Training

We provide remote entrepreneurship training services for aspiring entrepreneurs and especially for intra-entrepreneurs who want to generate new business units within organizations.

Learning about entrepreneurship is essential to lay the foundations when identifying a problem and structuring a true business plan, which includes a value offer that really meets market needs and finds its Product Market Fit.

Entrepreneurship training includes:

  • Fundamentals of entrepreneurship and identification of problems and opportunities
  • Identifying and understanding customers
  • Designing the value offer and business model
  • Develop and test the product or service
  • Pitch and Go To Market

Accelerator knowledge to launch your Startup

In our program you will learn to identify a problem or opportunity and devise a solution that the market is waiting for. You will also be able to design a prototype that is the perfect input for the minimum viable product, with which you will go to market to validate your business.