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Open Innovation

The idea of ​​innovation and collective intelligence to generate new opportunities for growth and development for all parties involved, since it is becoming more and more difficult to guarantee the growth of a company only with its own investments and resources.

We support our clients in innovating beyond their internal resources, opening the doors to talent from Universities, Startups and business collaboration.

The main advantages of implementing open innovation processes with us are highlighted below:

  • New business and growth opportunities: new markets
  • Accelerating innovation by connecting external talent with deep insights
  • Cost reduction in innovation processes
  • Better management of uncertainty and risk (financial and reputational)
  • Being part of an ecosystem that includes Universities, Companies and Silicon Valley

The keys to open innovation

The keys to open innovation are openness, collaboration and the search for creativity. Ideas are not only generated internally, but can be generated collaboratively between different organizations or can be imported from external organizations, managing potential conflicts.