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Acceleration Program

Within the framework of our SiliconValley.Travel initiative, our acceleration program was born that seeks to transfer all the knowledge acquired in Silicon Valley to all Latino entrepreneurs who wish to take their Startups to the next level.

Our acceleration program is like no other, as it focuses on personalized monitoring of each entrepreneur so that they can achieve early validation in the market and accelerated exponential growth.

The advantages of our entrepreneurship acceleration program are:

  • One to One monitoring of each entrepreneur
  • Access to the corporate and partner ecosystem of which 1LABS is a part
  • Specialized support and mentoring in technology, marketing and product design
  • Training in business models, exponential growth and investment mechanisms
  • Transfer of best entrepreneurial practices from Silicon Valley

A 100% remote acceleration program

Our acceleration program is 100% remote and includes entrepreneurship training, specialized mentoring and pitch training. Each Status that enters our acceleration process travels you can choose one of the two paths detailed below: