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Prototype Agile Development

A prototype is a first model that serves as a representation or simulation of the final product and that allows us to verify the design and confirm that it has the specific characteristics proposed.

At 1LABS, we develop technology-based prototypes that companies can use to test their hypotheses, business models together with new products and services. We develop prototypes based on Landing Pages, Mobile Applications and Conversational Interfaces.

The advantages of creating technology-based prototypes are:

  • They allow quick learning of the product, customers and technology used
  • Saves costs and development time as it is a preliminary version of the product
  • Previous feedback is obtained from the user that allows improving the final product
  • They can be disposable or evolutionary that allow them to be used in the future
  • They are developed in record time with very few resources

Prototyping as a tool to innovate

The maxim of prototyping is to minimize risks through validation. Therefore, thanks to its use during different phases of the design and development of a product, it is possible to obtain key feedback that maximizes the probability of success of the final product.