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    General dispositions

  1. Article 1. Object. The purpose of this manual is to establish the terms and conditions of the website www.1labs.co of 1LABS SAS

  2. Article 2. Scope of Application. The provisions contained in this manual apply to the website of 1LABS SAS, based in Bogotá DC, Colombia, www.1labs.co (hereinafter the "Website"), whose main function is to provide services and information about 1LABS SAS, its products and services.

    Through the Website, 1LABS SAS publishes, among other things, information about its services, clients, work team and contact information. Additionally, the Website allows you to subscribe to send the brochure of 1LABS SAS products and services to an email.

    1LABS SAS requests the User of the Website to carefully and carefully read these conditions of use (hereinafter the "Conditions of Use") and the privacy policy of this Website, before beginning its exploration or use. If the User does not agree with these Terms of Use or with any provision of the Privacy Policy, we suggest that they refrain from accessing or browsing the Website of our company.

  3. Article 3. Definitions. For the purposes of this manual, it is understood as:

    a. Contents: Involves all forms of information or data that are disclosed on the Website, among which are: texts, images, photos, logos, designs, animations.

    b. Intellectual Property Rights: includes those relating to trademarks, trade names, logos, banners, slogans, domain names, business secrets, know-how, industrial designs, patents, utility models and copyright.

    c. Internet: Communication tool with tens of thousands of computer networks linked by the TCP/IP protocol. Multiple services can be used on this network, such as emails, www, etc.

    d. Web page. Hypertext or hypermedia result provided by a www browser after obtaining the requested information. Its content can range from a short text to a voluminous set of texts, static or moving graphics, sound, etc.

    e. Post. Make a document visible from the Website.

    f. Services. These are the online aids that 1LABS SAS currently provides or plans to provide in the future to users, through this Website, such as publication of news or activities of institutional management; online procedures; inquiries; forums and mailbox for complaints and claims, among others.

    g. User. It is any person who enters the Website.

    h. Link. Hypertext pointers used to jump from one piece of information to another, or from one web server to another, when browsing the Internet.

    Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

  5. Article 4. Acceptance of terms and conditions of use. It is presumed that when a user accesses the Website, he does so under his full responsibility and that, therefore, he fully and unreservedly accepts the content of the terms and conditions of use of the Website. 1LABS SAS reserves, in all senses, the right to update and modify at any time and, in any way, unilaterally and without prior notice, these conditions of use, privacy policies and the contents of the page.

    Website Contents

  7. Article 5. Contents of the Website. The purpose of the Website is to provide the user with all kinds of information related to 1LABS SAS, its products and services, through content, newsletters, figures and news. In no case should this information be considered exhaustive, complete or in any way satisfy all the needs of the User.

    The Website may have links to other sites of interest or to documents located on other web pages owned by other entities, people or organizations other than 1LABS SAS. Only by the fact that the user accesses another website or an individual document located on another page, through a link established on the Website, the user must submit to the conditions of use and the privacy policy of the page website to which the link sends.

    The establishment of a link with the Website of another organization does not necessarily imply the existence of relations between 1LABS SAS and the owner of the linked website or web page, nor the acceptance or approval by 1LABS SAS of its contents or services. Those people who intend to establish a link will ensure that it only allows access to the home page of the Website.

    Likewise, 1LABS SAS is not responsible for the information that is outside this Website and is not directly managed by the Website administrator. The links that appear on the Website are intended to inform the User about the existence of other sources that may expand the content offered by the Website, or that are related to them. 1LABS SAS does not guarantee nor is it responsible for the operation or accessibility of the linked web pages; nor does it suggest, invite or recommend a visit to them, so it will not be responsible for the result obtained. Therefore, access to them through the Website does not imply that 1LABS SAS recommends or approves their content.

    On the other hand, the provision of the Website service is free and free for users.

    The Website contains articles or works of a literary and scientific nature (hereinafter, Information) prepared by 1LABS SAS or by third parties, for informational and informative purposes. 1LABS SAS may modify or withdraw the Information at any time and without prior notice. The opinions expressed in the comments made by the Users do not necessarily reflect the points of view of 1LABS SAS.

    The use of the Website that in any way overloads, damages or disables the networks, servers and other computer equipment or computer products and applications of 1LABS SAS or third parties is expressly prohibited.

    1LABS SAS is not responsible for the uninterrupted or error-free service of the page. 1LABS SAS makes its best efforts so that the content provided is of the highest quality, and in this sense the User agrees to use the service.

    The User may not use the contents and, in particular, the information of any other kind obtained through 1LABS SAS or the services, to broadcast advertising.

    The User of the Website will not alter, block or carry out any other act that prevents the display or access to any content, information or services of the Website or that are incorporated in the linked web pages.

  8. Article 6. Responsibility for the information contained. Due to the fact that at present the technical means do not guarantee the absolute lack of interference of the action of third parties in the Website, 1LABS SAS in no way guarantees the accuracy and/or veracity of all or part of the information contained in its page, nor its update, nor that said information has been altered or modified in whole or in part, after being published on the page, nor any other aspect or characteristic of what is published on the site or in the links, respectively.

    1LABS SAS does not control or guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the content that may cause alterations in your computer system (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents and files stored in your computer system.

    Consequently, with the foregoing, 1LABS SAS will not be responsible for any damage caused by virtue of any alteration that has been made to the download materials or files provided through the Website.

    The User will not send or transmit on or to the Website, to other users or to any person, any information containing obscene, defamatory, libelous, slanderous or discriminatory content against any person, or against 1LABS SAS, its products or services, its employees or against those responsible for the administration of the Website.

    In no case will content be accepted that may be considered offensive, sexist, racist, discriminatory, obscene, to the extent that offensive content violates the fundamental rights of individuals.

  9. Article 7. Participation in the Website. By entering the Website and to ensure its proper and proper use, the user acknowledges that 1LABS SAS reserves the right to:

    a. Deny registration to anyone, at any time, for any reason.

    b. Include or not on the Website the material received from users at their discretion. In the case of including it, you can keep said material on the Website for the period you consider pertinent or modify it.

    c. Remove, without being mandatory, content that in the opinion of 1LABS SAS is illegal, offensive, defamatory or that in any other way violates these Conditions of Use. Likewise, content that violates intellectual property rights may be removed, at the request of East.

    d. Use the personal information and/or content provided by Users in accordance with the Conditions of Use of the Website and the Privacy Policy.

    a. Deny registration to anyone, at any time, for any reason.

    By entering the Website and to ensure the good and proper use of it, the User must comply with the following:

    a. Be responsible for any activity that takes place under your registration.

    b. Be responsible for the security of your password.

    c. Not to abuse, harass, threaten or intimidate other users of the Website either through chats, forums, blogs or any other participation space.

    d. Do not use the Website as a means to develop illegal or unauthorized activities both in Colombia and in any other country.

    e. Be solely responsible for your conduct and for the content of texts, graphics, photos, videos or any other type of information that you use or include on the Website.

    f. Refrain from sending unwanted email (SPAM) to other users of this Website and 1LABS SAS, as well as transmitting viruses or any code of a destructive nature.

    1LABS SAS will not be responsible for the breach by the user of the above rules, and the user will hold 1LABS SAS harmless for any reason in case of violation of the same.

    The user acknowledges that their participation in any forum, chat, comment, blog and/or any other participation space on the Website will be under their sole responsibility, and that in the same way, the opinions and/or actions and/or behavior of other users in such spaces are the sole responsibility of those who issue or carry them out, for which 1LABS SAS is not responsible for or guarantees the quality or suitability of such behaviors or opinions, nor for the consequences that they may have in favor and/or in against other users or third parties.

    The design, management, purpose and characteristics of the different participation spaces of the Website are at the discretion of 1LABS SAS, who may at any time change and/or eliminate them, and/or determine the number of participants admitted in each of them.

    Participation in the forums, chats, comments and other similar participation spaces within the Website (hereinafter "the Spaces") imply the acceptance and knowledge by the user of these Conditions of Use, as well as the irrevocable commitment of each user. to respect these Conditions of Use, being understood and accepted that they exempt 1LABS SAS and will hold 1LABS SAS harmless from any liability arising from the breach of such commitment, which includes damages caused to other users and/or any affected third party. . If a user is not satisfied or agrees with these Terms and Conditions of the Website, 1LABS SAS suggests not participating in it and/or in the Spaces.

    Each user expressly and irrevocably accepts and authorizes 1LABS SAS to review the contents, comments or opinions expressed in the Spaces and/or delete those that do not conform to the rules of coexistence set forth in the Conditions of Use of the Website, as well as to interrupt the communication if it deems it convenient for such reasons. Likewise, 1LABS SAS reserves the right to exercise such power when it deems it appropriate, at its discretion, without it being possible to impute any responsibility to 1LABS SAS for the non-exercise of the power and/or for the existence, income, participation of undesirable users and/or comments or opinions that do not meet these recommendations.

    Bearing in mind that the comments and opinions expressed in the Spaces will not come from 1LABS SAS but from completely unrelated third parties, 1LABS SAS is not responsible for their content, nor does it agree or disagree with them, being understood that they emanate exclusively of its author, and remain under his complete responsibility.

    Likewise, it is absolutely forbidden to enter content, comments, messages, opinions, information, or similar, of defamatory, abusive, contrary to morality and good customs, discriminatory, offensive, obscene, intimidating, slanderous, inappropriate, illegal, violating content. rights of third parties of any kind, including the rights of minors, that cause damages and/or losses, or prevent or limit their own or others' right to use the Spaces and other chapters of the site, constitute a crime or apology to a crime and/or incites violence and/or the commission of crimes. It is also not allowed to advertise products and/or services of any kind within "the spaces", nor use or send viruses, or deviate from the topics proposed in the forums.

    Now, in the event that this type of content, comments, messages, opinions, information, or similar, enters "the spaces", users expressly and unconditionally accept that 1LABS SAS, its employees, suppliers, or advertisers, will not be responsible in any way for the consequences of any type and scope that they could generate, against any third party, either by virtue of their inclusion within "the spaces" or for any cause directly or indirectly related to the use of them.

    Likewise, 1LABS SAS, its employees, suppliers or advertisers, will not be responsible in any way in the event that the comments, information, messages, opinions, or similar, are affected, deleted, altered, or modified in any way.

    Users will refrain from initiating any action or claim against 1LABS SAS related to, or derived from, the information, content, opinion or comment from another User and/or a third party outside 1LABS SAS, being accepted by users that such Actions or claims may only be initiated against the person directly responsible, for which they must promote the pertinent legal actions, under the legally established procedures for this purpose. 1LABS SAS may refrain from supplying the information available on the alleged infringer when, in its opinion, such information is protected by the confidentiality offered to users, in which case, the supply will be conditioned to the request of the competent authority.

    1LABS SAS, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to exclude from the Spaces those users who do not abide by these rules or who do not respect the basic principles of healthy coexistence. As well as to interrupt and/or eliminate and/or exclude, totally or partially, in all cases, any message, opinion, information or the like that are not appropriate or violate the rules and/or principles indicated above.

    Each User must report any violation of the Conditions of Use of the Website by other Users, of which they are aware, for which they will send an email to ideas@1labs.co so that 1LABS SAS takes the measures that are its scope with respect to the Website.

    Intellectual property

  11. Article 8. Legitimation for the exercise of the rights of the owner. The intellectual property on the contents of the Website is either part of the patrimony of 1LABS SAS or, as the case may be, is owned by third parties who authorized their use on the Website or is public information governed by the laws of access to Colombian public information.

    The texts and graphic elements that make up the Website, as well as its presentation and assembly, are either the exclusive property of 1LABS SAS or it holds the necessary exploitation rights. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs that appear or are referred to on the Website belong to their respective owners and are protected by current legislation in this regard.

    Any use, transformation or exploitation of the contents included in the Website for commercial or promotional purposes is prohibited, unless previously authorized by 1LABS SAS; In any case, any use contrary to the law and of the Website for personal and non-commercial use is prohibited, as long as express mention is made of the ownership of the author of the content.

    All logos and trademarks on the Website are the property of 1LABS SAS or their use has been authorized by their owners to 1LABS SAS, in any case, the owners are responsible for any possible dispute that may arise with respect to them. The owners of said trademarks and logos reserve the right to initiate legal actions they deem appropriate to enforce their rights both in Colombia and abroad.

    The User accepts that the content generated and uploaded by him will be the property of 1LABS SAS, the User retaining the moral rights over said content.

    In case of claims that could be filed by users or by third parties in relation to possible breaches of intellectual property rights on any of the contents of the Website, they should be addressed to the following email address: ideas@1labs.co. Once notified to this email, said content will be automatically removed from the Website until the person who published the disputed content has resolved the conflict with the person submitting the claim.


  13. Article 9. Privacy Policy. Personal information is understood as that provided by the User through the forms and fields available on the Website. The storage and use of personal information is governed by the Privacy Policies of the Website.

    Ley Aplicable

  15. Article 10. Applicable Law.

    a. These conditions of use of the Website are governed by the laws of the Republic of Colombia.

    b. If any provision of these conditions loses validity or mandatory force, for any reason, all other provisions retain their mandatory force, binding nature and will generate all their effects.

    c. For any legal or judicial effect, the place of these conditions is the city of Bogotá DC, Republic of Colombia, and any dispute arising from its interpretation or application will be submitted to the judges of the Republic of Colombia.

    Modifications to the Terms and Conditions

  17. Article 11. Modifications to the terms and conditions of use of the Website. 1LABS SAS may modify the Conditions of Use contained herein, at its free choice and at any time and they will be in force once they have been published on the website.

    The User undertakes to periodically review this section to be informed of such modifications and each new user access to the page will be considered a tacit acceptance of the new conditions.

Last update: June 30, 2016.