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UI: User Interface

In Spanish, these acronyms mean “User Interface” (User Interface in English) and refers to the interface (design) with which people interact with digital platforms, that is, it is the interface that a user uses to place an order. in an online store or to access an app through a smartphone.

Our service includes the design and redesign of digital interfaces to improve the user experience, both on websites and applications, interactive kiosks and mobile applications.

The advantages of having a good user interface are:

  • Increase the speed of user-application transactions
  • Improves human-machine communication
  • Better user experience
  • Deliver a pleasurable design experience
  • Take advantage of the use of similar elements to impart coherence in the design

The importance of making good UI

A good user interface is characterized by having a high degree of use, and by being friendly and intuitive. With regard to web and mobile design, it is important to create a user interface that facilitates the transmission of information, navigability and interaction as much as possible.