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Mentoring and Advising

We accompany Entrepreneurs in each of their incubation and growth phases. The first phase consists of Start, Validate and Scale: Entrepreneurs and freelance professionals who start a business and want to validate and scale it as quickly as possible.

Consolidation and organization phase and exponential growth: entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs that already have a functioning business, but need to reorganize their business and prepare to grow and level up without dying trying.

Mentors accelerate business growth and results by helping to avoid mistakes. Some of the advantages of our mentoring are defined below:

  • Acceleration of the business, by avoiding making mistakes that others have already made
  • Peace of mind that you are applying a proven method that allows you to move forward
  • Development of management skills and soft skills, especially at the leadership level
  • Clarity about the path and the strategy to follow in your business and your life
  • Creation and management of high-performance teams that work autonomously

Minimize errors and enhance the experience

Working with a team of experts and specialized mentors will accelerate your business to the next level. Our team has accompanied successful entrepreneurs from Shark Tank®, Innpulsa, and Silicon Valley.