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CX: Client Experience

Customer Experience is a concept used in the processes of organizations to represent the experience that a company provides to its customers, from the moment they meet the brand until they become customers and begin to effectively use their product or service.

The Customer Experience (CX) is the compendium of all the perceptions that are generated in the customer's mind about a brand through their relationship with it. In other words, each transaction, communication or approach with a company or business is an experience. We work to design memorable experiences that impact both the minds and hearts of users.

The advantages of incorporating a great CX are:

  • It allows to satisfy the needs of the users without any type of friction/li>
  • Accelerates the speed of service delivery by delivering high value
  • It allows to meet and exceed the expectations of users or customers
  • Build a differentiated service on the needs of the user
  • Define a Customer Journey Map that serves as a reference to deliver an incredible service

The importance of doing exceptional CX

Consumers are those who buy and consume your products and services. However, your long-term success depends on all users and positive usage experiences leading to more usage and therefore more purchases.

  • Are UX and CX the same thing?

    User Experience (UX) deals with the people who interact with a product. On the other hand, the Consumer Experience (CX), on the other hand, encompasses all the interaction of people with a brand. Consider multiple contact channels, not just digital ones.

  • If I apply a good CX, am I guaranteed more sales or consumption of my services?

    The focus should not be only on fixing current detected problems, which is known as incremental innovation. The focus must be radical innovation, that is, redesigning to create new consumer experiences from scratch.