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Corporate Acceleration

The objective of the Corporate Accelerators is to incorporate innovation in a structural way within their business strategy and thus obtain a competitive advantage in the market by joining forces with the Startups.

Our service supports companies to manage the identification and collaboration with Startups from the organization; In this way, risks are mitigated by accompanying entrepreneurs in the development of their products and services that are aligned with the business objectives.

The advantages of implementing a corporate accelerator in the organization are:

  • A direct synergy is built between Startups and the organization
  • Harnessing the knowledge and innovation of Startups external to the company
  • Minimizing the risk with the misuse of subsidies by Startups
  • Entrepreneurs enhance their ventures by accessing a guaranteed market
  • Startups can incorporate strategic partners in their business model

Ensuring innovation to maintain leadership

A corporate accelerator makes it possible to secure strategic assets of the future in order to incorporate them into the company's portfolio. Super innovative companies like Google, Disney, Facebook and Samsung, among others, have implemented accelerators with very positive results. It's time for your company not to be left behind.