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Innovation Training

Through our e-Liaoning platform we have trained thousands of people in topics related to Innovation, problem identification, challenge definition, ideation, prototype development, construction of minimum viable products and presentation of innovation projects.

Our training sessions use the Learning By Doing or Learning By Doing methodology, which allows us to deliver real challenges of the organization so that they can be solved while appropriating our Palo Alto Innovation methodology.

The main advantages of our innovation training services are highlighted below:

  • Active learning and exhaustive monitoring of the training process
  • Flexibility and 24-hour access to virtual content
  • Synchronous and asynchronous sessions throughout the training
  • Reduction of costs and travel times to face-to-face sessions
  • Constant mentoring asynchronously through technologies such as Slack

Innovation Culture

Innovation training has a powerful impact on organizational culture, for this reason many companies have incorporated our training services to promote the culture of innovation within the company.