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Web, mobile and 3D prototyping

Web prototyping allows us to quickly and easily define the blocks or sections that a web page, a landing page or even a multimedia microsite will have. It is used to get quick feedback from users before developing the final version of the solution.

We also support companies in developing application prototypes that allow interaction in previous phases to obtain early feedback. These prototypes are developed in low and high fidelity in wireframes and mockups.

The main advantages of prototyping are:

  • They allow to fail fast and cheap to zoom in soon
  • Facilitates the pivot process and improves quickly
  • Take advantage of lean thinking
  • It is a powerful tool to ground ideas and proposals
  • They are created very quickly and evolve through iterations

3D prototyping

In addition to 2D prototyping for landing pages and mobile apps, we have incorporated 3D prototyping including additive printing and design on 3D software platforms, allowing you to create virtually anything imaginable, where the creation possibilities are endless.

  • Why should I prototype my products and services?

    It is the fastest and cheapest way to test and launch new products and services that deliver high added value and incorporate responses to customer needs.

  • How can I start prototyping with 1LABS?

    Our design team creates a service prototyping plan and through the use of digital and physical tools, a prototyping plan is initiated that in the end will deliver supremely valuable results for the client and the way in which they should launch their product or service.